Use The Power Of Lemons To Fight Acne

There are times in our lives when a certain smell can trigger memories.  The smell of cinnamon can bring back memories of a warm apple pie.  The smell of fresh cut grass can summon memories of a happy summer day.  And the smell of lemon can make us think of someplace clean and fresh.  Lemon seems to have the power to freshen any environment.  And along with that great scent and familiar taste, lemon also has the ability to cure certain ailments.  Acne is one of those ailments.

Lemon juice is widely available and it is so much cheaper than a commercial acne treatment.  But using lemons and lemon juice to cure your acne isn’t that simple.  There are right ways and wrong ways to use lemon to fight acne.  If used properly, lemons can be the best treatment for acne. But if used improperly, lemons can actually harm the skin.

Since lemon juice is acidic, it should never be applied directly to the skin undiluted.  By using a little bit of water, you can lower the acidity of the lemon to make it safe to use on your skin.   If you would prefer to make a facial mask, a combination of lemon and salt will clean out your pores and refresh your skin.

Many people are amazed at the results that they get from using lemons for skin care but they don’t really understand how something as simple as a lemon can do so much.   Lemons not only kill bacteria, they create an environment that bacteria hate.  Bacteria would rather take their chances someplace else. That is why lemon is frequently used household cleaners.    By killing the bacteria on the surface of the skin, lemons open up your pores to receive fresh air and light.  Lemons also help reduce any inflammation that may have been caused by an infection.

As you can see, lemons should be your new weapon in the fight against acne. They are so easy to get that there is no reason why you shouldn’t have them in your home right now.  After all, a bag of lemons is a lot cheaper than any of the commercial acne products available.